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Dog Or Food?

Puppy Eating out of Huge Bowl

Sometimes, you think you see one thing, when in reality you see another. Check out what I’m talking about… Check out Dog or Food! labradoodle or fried chicken ? — karen zack (@teenybiscuit) March 3, 2016 sheepdog or mop ? — karen zack (@teenybiscuit) March 9, 2016 Read More »

Trump Has Plenty Of Friends!


Donald Trump has angered a lot of people while campaigning and you’d think he would be low on friends. Last night Jimmy Kimmel proved just the opposite, The Donald has a plethora of friends and he’s not shy about telling us! This is awesome!   Read More »

Birthday Calculator

Close-up of candles burning on birthday cake over colored background

My birthday is on March 17th! St Patricks day. Here is a website that will tell you what day of the week, and month that you were conceived. Matter of fact, it will tell you everything about your birthday! Check it out here! Read More »

Mitt Romney Reads Mean Donald Trump Tweets!


Who knew Mitt Romney was funny, he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and Jimmy had him read some mean tweets about himself from Donald Trump and his supporters. This ended up being funnier because of Mitt Romney and his sense of humor! Check it out! Read More »

This Will Put You In A Good Mood!


There was dancing in the streets in England when a dude in a yellow, skin tight jumpsuit starts to boogie to the song “Twist and Shout”.  We’re pretty sure he expected to be the star of the show but he didn’t count on the tiny little old lady in a bright pink coat who is killing it!   Read More »

Eggs And Bacon?


There is no one more qualified to do a commercial for the National Egg board better than the Bacon Brothers. Enjoy! Read More »