Moon, Staci & Crisco

Moon Was Busted!!!

Moon Hockey

We had a bet to see who could go the longest without watching TV. We all made it about two weeks and the bet is finally over!! Moon was busted by Staci watching a hockey game and now he has to pay both of our cable bills totaling $400! Thanks Moon!! Read More »

Hugo Takes A Selfie Every Day for 8 Years!


I don’t know this guy, but I still couldn’t look away. He took a selfie every day for over 8 years and strung them all together.  You can watch him age before your eyes.  (His hairstyle changes are fun to see.)  You won’t be able to look away either, I’ll bet.   Read More »

Kesha Delivers Emotional Performance of “Till It Happens to You”


On Saturday night Kesha was on stage in LA at the Humane Society Gala where she sang a cover of Lady Gaga’s and Diane Warren’s powerful ballad about the sexual assault epidemic on college campuses.  It’s become a national anthem for victims of abuse. Kesha performed the song with great emotion saying, “I want to dedicate this song to every man, ... Read More »