#OhSnap: Check out the newest chilling trailer for “Pet Sematary”

#OhSnap: Check out the newest chilling trailer for “Pet Sematary”

There’s a new trailer for the upcoming “Pet Sematary” film, and if you’re familiar with the book you might notice a very blatant change to the story!

For those of you that are Stephen King purest, you might find the change to be a bit of a shocker; however, in an interview with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventure said, “Trust me, we were nervous about it.” He then went on to explain, “I feel this way about anything that you remake or update. If we gave you what you had before, we didn’t do the subject matter much good. I’m very protective of movies too, but I want a new experience each time, and feel like filmmakers have really thought about the choice. That was one, we thought, ‘All right, let’s make this choice.’”

Watch the new trailer below, and see if you spot the change:

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