#OMG: Disney releases our first look at “Frozen 2”
Walt Disney Animation Studios

#OMG: Disney releases our first look at “Frozen 2”

Holy moly! When Frozen was released back in 2013, nobody knew the phenomenon it would become! Sure, Disney execs probably assumed it would do well, all Disney flicks do well when it comes to box office numbers, and merchandise, and all that jazz … but what happened with Frozen was completely unpredictable.

Now the franchise has a film, merchandise, a theme park ride, a sit down production in Disney’s California Adventure, a sing-a-long show in Walt Disney World, a Broadway production, an upcoming national tour of the Broadway production … oh and guess what, we just got a teaser for a sequel!

While the teaser trailer tells us absolutely nothing about the new plot, we do know that all our favorite characters are back. Except Hans, but if he was your favorite something might be wrong with you, or you just like villains … which that’s fair. We also see that both Anna and Elsa are sporting some new looks. Anna is rockin’ a whole new hairdo, and Elsa has lost the fancy dress in favor of something a little more practical.

Watch the trailer for Frozen 2 below:

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