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Kid upset that Jedi’s can’t Marry.


So he writes a letter to the Man himself.  George Lucas! Young Colin Gilpatrick wanted to know why! So, George wrote Colin back! Here’s the video of Colin getting his package from Mr Lucas! Proving the pen is mightier than the Light Saber! – Darrin   Read More »

Guy starts dancing at the mall and gets REALLY into it


I admire this man’s passion, he felt the groove and just went for it. He doesn’t care who is watching, he doesn’t care that he has noticeably perspired through his button up shirt or worry about what his moves look like. Everyone can learn a lesson from him. Don’t worry about what others will think just dance, and also if ... Read More »

A horrifying new feature is available to all Googlers

Google Search Shake Up

The feature was first rolled out as an experiment last year but is now available to everyone. You can download and view your entire Google search history! Want to know how? Follow these steps: 1. Go to 2. In the lower right corner, click on ‘Settings’ 3. Click on ‘History’ At this point, you’ll have to sign in with ... Read More »

A volcano just erupted in Chile! Video caught before evacuation.


Information on the volcano thus far, local authorities have set up a 20km evacuation zone and currently only 1,500 people are affected by this. I would not be surprised if other locals are also packing up and heading off too for the weekend. This is one of Chile’s most active volcanos and the second to erupt in two months. Alongside earthquakes, ... Read More »