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The final Hunger Games movie comes out tomorrow!

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Interested in maybe going to the next Hunger Games movie but need a refresher on the ones before? Fear not! Check out this narration of the first parts of the story so you’ll be all caught up! Here’s the link to the full story. Read More »

Secrets Thursday – 11/19

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Every Thursday you can text your deepest darkest secrets to 75617. Ryan, Shannon and Fish will read them anonymously on the air. Judging by the secrets it’s a good thing we don’t know your names. Read More »

OMGee! I Just Met Ed Sheeran! (Um…No.)

staci ed

Ed Sheeran is everywhere! Literally? Well, if you believe these people he is.  Check out these fans who are a little fooled or are just goofing with Ed’s fellow gingers.  I think #11 is the most convincing. Read More »

Lazy Girls’ Guide To Hairstyling In Your Sleep!

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This is also a great excuse to buy a silk pillowcase… It happens to all of us. You go to the salon and leave looking like a million bucks.  The next day, your hair is just a shell of it’s former fabulousness. How do some women have hair that still looks salon fresh days later? Here’s the secret! (I do ... Read More »

Perfect Potato Recipe (For making your Mother in Law jealous)

Food Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

Shannon’s mother in law told her that she wasn’t allowed to do the Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving Dinner because, she can’t be trusted with something that important. So Shanny challenged Paula to a mashed potato battle of epic proportions. To help Shannon win, Ryan found what was voted the Best Mashed Potato Recipe of ALL TIME. Can Shannon Whip her ... Read More »