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Hawkeye has powers too…


Ok.  Yeah… sure.. you’re an “Avenger”.  But you’re not Iron Man.  Or Thor… or The Hulk You don’t really have any special powers.   What’s that?  You Shoot a Bow?   Yeah… my Uncle Sven bow hunts.  My Uncle Sven is no Avenger. Here, Live on Jimmy Fallon, Hawkeye laments, in song, that he does indeed have powers! – Darrin   Read More »

Nailed It!!!

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Shannon picked out a new game for Ryan and Fish to try out, called Nailed It! Listen to see if the boys can “Nail it” or not… Read More »

A very angry bull escapes his cage!


Poor guy,  I don’t don’t blame him one single bit! I only wish he would have been able to toss one of those people in the air before they got away!  When you keep a wild naturally aggressive animal in a teeny tiny cage, what do you think will happen? Read More »

New Texting and Driving PSA hits hard

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Texting and driving is so dangerous and the number of lives lost is growing . This PSA caught my eye and it will make you cry with it’s powerful message. We all need to wait to text, and that includes me. One text can change lives in a second. Please don’t text and drive. Read More »

Pavlov’s Cat

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Not only does this kitty have a cute plaid shirt on, he is very well trained! I’m planning to teach this to my kitty, Henry! Read More »

Driver disregards a stopped school bus and nearly hits 3 children


This is extremely frightening and I really hope they find this person. Police are currently looking for more information with help from the community, hopefully they are able to charge this reckless driver and keep them off the road! If you think the “Stop” arm on a school bus is optional, you need your licence taken away immediately. Read More »

Worlds largest urban zip-line now open in Dubai, gives non-skydivers a similar experience without any training


Would you ever do something like this? In this promotional video, we see mostly base jumpers which is quite different from the actual zip-line, although you would have a very similar experience. If you watch closely you can catch a few glimpses of the zip-line itself. While base jumpers hold the highest mortality rate of any sport, 1 in every ... Read More »