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BBall Cop Brings Backup


Remember the video of the Florida Police Officer who stopped to play some BBall with the kids in the street? As he was leaving, he told them he would be back to play, and that he would bring some help. He wasn’t kidding!  Shaq, who is also a Florida police officer, stopped by to say thanks, and to help out! ... Read More »

Weekend Regrets

sad and ashamed businessman with bag over head

What was it this weekend? Screwing around on a chairlift and fell off? Left a 12 pack of soda in your vehicle overnight and it exploded? Text us at 75617 every Monday and let us know your weekend Regrets!   Read More »

A Beautiful Wedding Dance


Don’t let the picture fool you… this IS a dance at a wedding.  In New Zealand. The Groom shows his respect for the Bride, her family, and her heritage, with a “Haka Dance“. It is aggressive. It is loud.  It is beautiful. -Darrin   Read More »

A Reason To Watch (A) Football


I love fashion. I’m indifferent to football. Put them together and you may have my attention for a few minutes!  To celebrate the 50th Super bowl game this year, top fashion designers have decorated 50 one-of-a-kind footballs. The balls are jewel-encrusted, beaded, studded and embellished.  If you want to buy one of them they are up for auction on!   Proceeds ... Read More »