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Shave It Off

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Michelle Glavan channels her inner TSwift and asks the participates of Movember to kindly, Shave It Off. We’re diggin’ the new Novembeard anthem! Read More »

Where’s My Mom?

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Stanley really misses him mom. So much so, that his dad had to call her up!! Stanley’s reaction is priceless!! Read More »

Prepare To Smile

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Are you ready for your adorable of the day? This pink cutie was having the best time dancing to some Grateful Dead!! The best part? She gets others to join in with her!! Read More »

iPad Drum Solo

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Who needs real drums when you have an iPad? This guy can rock it with the best of them, and with just his fingertips! Read More »

Monopoly Rap

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There is more than just fast cars and lots of money to rap about… There’s Monopoly. He nails it, yes? Read More »

Dog Fetch Fails

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These poor dogs just don’t have the gift of fetch… or jump… or catch… But hey, at least they give us a laugh!! Happy Friday! Read More »

My Tales Of Whiskey

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Nick Offerman has blessed us with a magical music video detailing his love for Whiskey. He also loves his guitar, and his horse, Flowers. Read More »

Musical Nerds Unite

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Do you sing everything you’re doing? Do you know every word from Les Miserables? Do you frequently find yourself using jazz hands to get your point across? Then you may be a musical theater nerd. It’s okay — you’re not alone! Read More »