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Musical Nerds Unite

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Do you sing everything you’re doing? Do you know every word from Les Miserables? Do you frequently find yourself using jazz hands to get your point across? Then you may be a musical theater nerd. It’s okay — you’re not alone! Read More »

Never Lose A Fantasy Football Bet

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This poor soul lost a fantasy football bet, and thus, we were left with 3 1/2 minutes of pure entertainment. He’s actually really good, and spot on for the majority of the moves. Have you ever lost a bet? Read More »

United State Of Pop 2014

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Dj Earworm has created another masterpiece with his mashups of the hit pop songs of 2014. You’ll have it on repeat all day! Do you like? Read More »

Tooth Fairy Prank

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Watching these kids meet the Tooth Fairy will leave you in smiles! We wish the Tooth Fairy had visited us when we were younger like this! Read More »

The Thank You Project

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Ten years ago, Kellie’s family suffered a horrific car crash where her husband was killed instantly and her 14-week-old baby was in critical condition. Now, Kellie is in search for all those amazing heroes who saved her son’s life and this incredible video shows her journey. Get ready for the tears on this one. Do you have someone to thank? Read More »


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ICYMI: Beyonce came out with a new video a few weeks ago. Well, now Boyonce exists and we don’t hate it. They should so collaborate. Read More »

Break-Up Radio

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Ever notice that once you’ve broken up with someone, listening to the radio is the most painful thing ever? The music always seems to be tailored to your bleeding heart… Read More »