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But It’s Just So Nice Out….

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Meet “Jordan” who wants to go fishing…but his manager won’t “do him a solid.” He doesn’t actually work at the place he is calling and he isn’t really Jordan, but this prank phone call is pretty funny. And the boss on the line is REALLY professional.  Like she’s dealt with this before.  Read More »

Secrets – 04/21


Text us your secrets anonymously to 75617 and we’ll read them live on the air everyday at 7:20. Judging by the secrets we get, it’s a good thing we don’t know your names.   Read More »

Queen Elizabeth turns 90!

Britain Commonwealth Games

The Queen Mother turned 90 and had a special photo taken with the royal children!   All in the (royal) family! See Queen Elizabeth w/her great-grandkids in new pic #Queenat90 — TODAY (@TODAYshow) April 21, 2016 Read More »

Kid Choreography!


James Corden and Gwyneth Paltrow take dance lessons from toddlers. Sadly, these kids still have better moves than I do… -Darrin Read More »

T-shirt that can speak in any language


A team of Swiss guys has created a tshirt that can do the talking for you when no one understands a word you’re saying. The team created the shirt because when they were traveling in Vietnam in 2013, one of their motorbikes they were using broke down and nobody could understand him when he asked for help to fix it. So they came up with ... Read More »