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Jurassic Parkour

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The inflatable dinosaur seems to be breaking the internet lately, this time it’s “Jurassic Parkour.” Read More »

Thursday Secrets – 01/28


Every Thursday you can text your deepest darkest secrets to 75617. Ryan, Shannon and Fish will read them anonymously on the air. Judging by the secrets it’s a good thing we don’t know your names. Read More »

A Boy And His Puck


Ah yes.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as the love between a boy and his … Puck? Truly.  There are some people who will never quite reach a similar level of pure bliss in their entire lives, as this boy does here in this video. Brings back memories of my boyhood youth, and the hours spent hugging my Pet ... Read More »

Vin Diesel Throwback

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Do you guys remember Street Sharks? Enjoy this video of Vin Diesel promoting Street Sharks at a toy fair in 1994. Read More »

Melissa’s follow-up to Love “em or List ‘Em!


Yesterday, Melissa called in for Love ‘Em or List ‘Em to say she found a burner phone in her new boyfriend’s sock drawer. He said it was to call his mother so she didn’t have his real number. We wanted to know what happened when she confronted him about it. Here’s Melissa’s follow-up to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!   Read More »

Tanuki: raccoon dog

Raccoon Dog on white background

The internet is obsessing over Tanu the Tanuki right now. It’s a Japanese Raccoon Dog. Cute? Or not really? Click here to see!  A Tanuki, the Japanese raccoon dog, is the cute animal of this internet moment: — New York Magazine (@NYMag) January 26, 2016 Read More »