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These People Hate Dogs…

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There are a lot of people who, for whatever reason, are afraid of dogs and refuse to be around them. Buzzfeed took a few such people, blindfolded them and put puppies in their laps. See what happens! (I’ve watched this over and over.) Read More »

The ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer is finally here!

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Just keep hoping! Just keep hoping! That’s what it old myself over and over again waiting for a Finding Nemo sequel. Last year they FINALLY announced the sequel called finding Dory starring Ellen Degeneres as our favorite forgetful fish! Now today they have released the first trailer! Watch this and hope June gets here fast! Read More »

K-Cup Guilt? 

Happy young woman making coffee cup machine kitchen interior

Like everyone else I know who has one, I love my Keurig coffee maker!  I do however feel guilty about the waste I am creating with the empty K-cups once I’ve brewed. Here are some clever ways to re-use them! Check this post.  (I love the herbs idea.) Read More »

Love ‘Em or List ‘Em – Kelsey’s trip

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Kelsey and her new BF took their first trip together and it was a disaster! He was worrisome, demanding, hard to travel with and it really got Kelsey wondering if this is a relationship she should keep pursuing. Give it a listen and let us know if Kelsey should Love Him or List Him. Read More »

KS95 Kid Zac Bartz is honored in a new book


This book is about our little buddy and KS95 Kid Zac Bartz. His parents just finished it and it’s available now on Amazon. I was honored to write the forward for the book. Can you let your friends know so we can support the Bartz family? Zac’s story would be a great Christmas gift to keep people grateful and inspired. ... Read More »