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Lamb Resembles A Panda

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A Pandalamb? Yep! Meet Earl, the Pandalamb of Staten Island Zoo! “This small lamb that bears a striking resemblance to a panda bear has been drawing attention from visitors and fans.”   Read More »

Restaurant Employee’s Incredible Act of Kindness

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This story of a Qdoba Restaurant employee’s act of kindness will warm your heart! “A simple act of kindness from an employee at a restaurant has gone viral after another customer secretly recorded him helping a woman with disabilities eat her food.”     Read More »

Man was hiking in the Himalayan foothills when the earthquake hit and catches some terrifying footage


“Yesterday while volunteering with The Salvation Army in Nepal, Michael and his team were hiking in the Sindhupalchowk area trying to reach some isolated villages in the region to see what kind of support could be offered. This are was very close to the epicenter of the 7.3 earthquake that struck that day. Earthquakes in Nepal are notorious for triggering ... Read More »

Adam Sandler sings goodbye to Dave


It’s typical Sandler.   Brings a tear to your eye.  Smile to your face.  Then there’s the awkward, man-hug at the end. SOME may consider it NSFW, but it IS edited for late night TV. – Darrin   Read More »