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Want to buy some of Herb Brooks’ stuff?


A ton of Herb Brooks stuff are now being auctioned to raise money to help put members of his family through college. Learn what’s up by clicking here. And see the items and bid by clicking here. Read More »

The bet is on!

Girl Scouts

UPDATE! Ryan walked away victorious! Shannon will be wearing her old cheerleading uniform and performing  a surprise cheer for a packed coffee shop.   This woman drove all the way from Apple Valley to buy Girl Scout Cookies from Shannon so she didn’t have to buy them from Ryan! My Girl Scout buddies and I rocked it @cubfoods in Maple ... Read More »

Neighbors bra rescue mission


What happens when you drop your bra off your apartment balcony into your neighbors lawn? Do you leave it? No bras are too expensive. Do you run down and grab it? Hmmm maybe, but then you’ll have to deal with embarrassment and you might even have to explain yourself, which presents an awkward situation. So the only REAL thing left ... Read More »