Crisco, Dez & Ryan’s “Dud to Stud” 2018


Registration is now closed for Crisco, Dez & Ryan’s Dud to Stud!

If your dud didn’t make the cut, we still would love to see and meet you at Dud to Stud on Wednesday, February 14th at 6:30pm.

Come on out and watch as 25 dud finalists compete to find a heart token that will be hidden inside KS95’s Valentine’s Day cakes. The duds will be clothed in KS95 gear and then blindfolded and sent into the KS95 cakes to find the heart token. The dud that finds the heart token first will win $1,000; Valentine’s Day dinner for two at Radisson Blu Mall of America; and a dozen red roses.

It will be quite entertaining and a sight to see for sure!

Click here for Official Contest Rules.