Crisco, Dez & Ryan’s Lunchless for Hunger

Join Crisco, Dez & Ryan, KS95 Morning Show, and Treasure Island Resort & Casino to help fight childhood hunger this summer!

Take the challenge with us and go lunchless this month to raise money to help make sure kids don’t go hungry this summer. Pick one, two or three days each week in June to go lunchless and donate what you would spend on lunch(es) to fight childhood hunger!

YOUR DONATIONS DOUBLED IN THE MONTH OF JUNE!  Our friends at Treasure Island Resort & Casino will match all donations to Hunger Solutions up to $10,000.  Click on the “Donate” button below.  Any amount makes a difference for kids in need and that’s what Crisco, Dez & Ryan’s Lunchless for Hunger is all about.

Likes for Lunches

Why Get Involved?

One in seven kids in Minnesota faces hunger every day.  This means they may skip meals and don’t always get the food they need to grow up healthy and strong.

Ever try to concentrate on a task when you are hungry? Imagine trying to learn in class when the last meal you had was lunch — yesterday.  Hunger keeps kids from being kids.

Our schools play a major role in feeding hungry kids, but when summer comes and school lets out, some kids struggle to find food for those two extra meals every day. They fall into the summer meal gap.  Last summer, kids made over 317,000 visits to food shelves to try to fill the gap.

At Hunger Solutions Minnesota, our mission is to end hunger in Minnesota.  To learn more about Hunger Solutions Minnesota, click here.

If you need assistance, call the Hunger Solutions Minnesota Food Helpline:  1-888-711-1151.

Thanks for your donation to KS95’s Crisco, Dez & Ryan’s Lunchless for Hunger which will provide a whole lot of lunches for kids this summer.  Feel free to share the information with your friends, family and co-workers too!

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