KS95 Cash Machine


KS95’s Cash Machine is back!
We’re giving you three chances to play every weekday at 9:20am, 12:20pm & 3:20pm, so REGISTER NOW!

Here’s How You Register, Listen, Play & Win:
  1. FILL OUT the form below.
  2. TUNE your radios at work, in your car and at home to 94.5 KS95.
  3. Beginning Monday, June 8, LISTEN for your name weekdays at 9:20am, 12:20pm & 3:20pm.
  4. WIN!  When you hear your name, call us within 10 minutes at 651.989.KS95 (5795) to play the KS95 Cash Machine.  You automatically win $95 by calling us back.
  5. PLAY the KS95 Cash Machine for a chance to win up to $1,000. The KS95 Cash Machine will announce random dollar amounts from small to large, large to small, i.e., $95, $500, $1,000, $95, etc., and can crash at any time. When you say, “STOP”, the KS95 Cash Machine will either announce one more dollar amount and that is the amount of cash you’ll win or, it could crash. If it does crash, you’ll still be awarded $95 just for playing.PLUS, you will also be qualified for a chance to win $5,000 at the KS95 Cash Machine Finale on Saturday, August 15th at Treasure Island Resort & Casino!
The sooner you enter by completing the form below,
the more chances you’ll have to hear your name to play and win!
Details regarding KS95 Cash Machine Finale at Treasure Island Resort & Casino: 
  • All listeners that play the KS95 Cash Machine are then qualified to take part in the KS95 Cash Machine Finale at Treasure Island Resort & Casino, Parlay Lounge, on Saturday, August 15th, at 5pm.
  • All listeners that take part at the finale will be given a pin number to enter into the KS95 Cash Machine.  The listener whose pin number opens the KS95 Cash Machine will win $5,000!
Enter to Play KS95’s Cash Machine with 94.5 KS95!

Listen for your name at the times you choose.  You’ll have three chances to win every weekday!

If you are having trouble submitting your registration, please CLICK HERE and send us an email.
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