KS95 Team Mudivor

Mudivor 2015

What is MuckFest MS Twin Cities?


MuckFest® MS rallies you and your friends for a mucky romp through muddy pits and obstacles, trenches and craters in support of a world free of multiple sclerosis. The run is pure athletic hilarity on a 5K course full of mud, and featuring 15+ outrageous obstacles that will spin, swing and fling you up, down and sideways. After you slide across the finish line, party with us in the MuckFestival area and decide who had the most epic spill of the day.

Same Location as Last Year:  Somerset Amphitheater Music & Event Center, 715 Spring Street, Somerset, WI.

KS95 Team Mudivor!

KS95’s Moon, Staci & Crisco will all be back and getting dirty for a good cause.

What do I get for joining KS95 Team Mudivor?

A day to get filthy with KS95’s Moon, Staci & Crisco; A FREE KS95 Team Mudivor T-Shirt; an official MuckFest MS t-shirt; free beverage of your choice upon completion of the 5K course; and you’ll be placed in the exclusive KS95 Team Mudivor morning wave. We’ll gather our Team on-site between 8-8:30am to take a group photo in our Team t-shirts!

The first 50 KS95 Team Mudivor participants that raise a minimum of $100 or more for the National MS Society will receive VIP parking. Ask 5 of your friends, co-workers, family to donate $20 on your behalf and you have reached your $100 goal. Free parking is available for participants that do not raise $100 or more. 100% of your fundraising dollars go back to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

How much does it cost to participate and what are the age requirements?

Click here to register today …Sign up by September 9th to save $25 off registration. Registration fee ($80) does not include a credit card processing fee which includes handling and insurance; and is subject to change. This processing fee will be added to your total charge at the completion of registration.

Participants must be over the age of 12 on the day of the event. Participants who are 12 to 18 must be accompanied by an on-event parent or guardian who is also a registered runner and present for the duration of the MuckFest MS event.


How to Register on KS95 Team Mudivor Today!

Click here and follow the steps closely below to register and join KS95 Team Mudivor!

  • Click on “Join Team” after KS95 Team Mudivor at the bottom of our registration page;
  • Choose Recreational Runner;
  • If you have registered before, you will need to enter your user name and password to log in. Verify your information and if it’s correct, click “Next” at the bottom;
  • If you have not registered before, you will need to click on “New Participant” Register Now;
  • Click on “Join An Existing Team” and type in the name “ KS95 Team Mudivor” and click “Search”. KS95 Team Mudivor will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on KS95 Team Mudivor;
  • Choose your fundraising goal (not mandatory, but we do encourage our team members to raise a minimum of $100 for MS – the first 50 KS95 Team participants that raise $100 or more will receive VIP parking) – Click “Next” at the bottom of page;
  • On the next page, answer the Registration Questions;
  • Review the MuckFest Release & Waiver of Liability and then check the box at the bottom acknowledging you have read and then click on “Next” at the bottom;
  • Review your order. Your name, address, phone, email address and “KS95 Team Mudivor” should appear on this page along with the payment details showing runner fee/processing fee/taxes. Click “Next” to proceed to payment.
  • Complete payment;
  • Confirm information;
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.

Plan for event check-in?

All muckers receive a bib and timing chip, to be picked up on the morning of MuckFest MS.

Fun for the kids … Lil’ Muckers!

Bring the kids and let them loose in MuckFest MS’s FREE mucky playground.  The kids can slip and slide thru some mucky obstacles.  There is no charge for admittance to the Lil’ Muckers area, but a parent or guardian will need to complete and sign a waiver and be present to supervise while the child is inside the Lil’ Muckers area.


MuckFest MS is a fun event, but it’s also a FUN-draising event!  The National MS Society serves tens of thousands of people affected by multiple sclerosis.  Your fundraising efforts will help provide programs and services as well as fund research to find a cure and cause.  Learn how money raised through MuckFest MS Twin Cities supports people living with MS and research to find a cure.  Click here.

Still Undecided?

Click here for photos of last year’s run and then join KS95 Team Mudivor today!

Course Information & Training Tips

Click here for course information.

Frequently asked MuckFest MS Twin Cities questions!

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Still have questions?

Send us an e-mail at ks95teammudivor@ks95.com.

Challenge yourself, bring your friends and come play in the mud with us while moving toward a world free of MS!

Join KS95 Team Mudivor today and let’s get dirty!