KS95 Morning Show’s Love’Em or List’Em


We’ve all had a situation where we wonder if we’re doing the ‘right thing’ in a relationship. Sometimes you need to ask a friend for advice. Why not ask a bunch of friends? That’s where the KS95 Morning Show comes in. Every morning at 7:20am the KS95 Morning Show asks for your help to help decide if our caller should Love or List their romantic interest. Sometimes things work out and the advice is to stay together, but other times, the best thing for you is to just move on.

If you have a mate dilemma send it to us:

You never know next time we may be helping you figure out if you should Love’em Or List’em™!

  • LEOLE – Is it time for her son to leave the house?

    Moe’s kid has been living at home way too long but he’s done really great things while he’s been there. Do you kick him out bc you’re supposed to? Time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!

  • LEOLE – She found a dress

    Mackenzie found something in her husbands closet that definitely should NOT be in there! Would you Love ‘Em or List ‘Em?!

  • LEOLE – Reality Star wannabe

    Emily’s boyfriend may have just figured out the way to become a Reality TV Star OR he’s using her to cheat! Time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!

  • LEOLE – Phone Swap

    He did a phone swap with his girlfriend and he saw something that you never want to see on your girls phone! Should he Love ‘Em or List ‘Em?!

  • LEOLE – Topless guy

    When you find out the real reason Maggie’s boyfriend is constantly taking his shirt & pants off would you love him or list him?

  • LEOLE – Is the perfect guy really that perfect?

    Megan’s boyfriend is obsessed with being perfect! Is there such a thing as the guy who’s too perfect?! Time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!

  • LEOLE – Should they get divorced?

    Dana was ready to divorce her husband but all of a sudden the main reason to divorce has taken care of itself! Would you still divorce?!Time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!

  • LEOLE – Jordan’s wife is selling his stuff

    Jordan’s wife MIGHT be lying to him about why she’s selling all of his prized possessions online. What would you do??! Time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!

  • LEOLE – He hangs out with girls doing what?!?!

    What’s the largest age gap in a relationship that will actually work!? Liz & her boyfriend may have too big of a gap! But that’s not the worst part…Time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!

  • LEOLE – He hangs out with girls doing what?!?!

    Rebecca’s boyfriend has a hobby that involves him hanging around hot women! Is she just jealous or is this a reason to break it off! Time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!

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