KS95 Morning Show’s Love’Em or List’Em


We’ve all had a situation where we wonder if we’re doing the ‘right thing’ in a relationship. Sometimes you need to ask a friend for advice. Why not ask a bunch of friends? That’s where the KS95 Morning Show comes in. Every morning at 7:20am the KS95 Morning Show asks for your help to help decide if our caller should Love or List their romantic interest. Sometimes things work out and the advice is to stay together, but other times, the best thing for you is to just move on.

If you have a mate dilemma send it to us:

You never know next time we may be helping you figure out if you should Love’em Or List’em™!

  • Love ‘Em or List ‘Em – She’s marrying a loser!

    Tony’s daughter is marrying what he calls “a total loser” and after the way he’s been treated he’s wondering if he should love or list his daughter!


  • Love ‘Em or List ‘Em – Great/Awful Roommate

    Amber is thinking about Listing her roommate even though he’s the best roommate she has ever had! Would you Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!?

  • Love ‘Em or List ‘Em – Sharing bed with another guy

    Phil found out that his girlfriend is kissing, showering and sharing a bed with another guy! Do all women do this with this particular guy? Would you Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!?

  • LEOLE – She’s a hot mess

    Matt’s wondering if he should get serious with the girl who is the definition of a “hot mess”! Would you Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!?

  • LEOLE – She’s the other “Woman”

    Christine is the “other woman” but he’s got 3 other “baby girls” that he’s seeing but he’s not cheating on her! Would you Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!?


  • LEOLE – He’s been lying!

    Laura’s husband has been lying to her face while making secret trips to keep his secret well hidden until now! Would you Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!?


  • LEOLE – So he has a past

    Allison just found out who her husband dated in the past and it changes everything!


  • LEOLE – She did something way worse

    Amber’s husband just confessed to doing something that could break up a relationship but there’s something much worse.

  • LEOLE – Dad’s dating is a secret

    Cara’s Dad has a new girlfriend and it was supposed to be a secret!  Time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!

  • LEOLE – GF is dating multiple guys

    His girlfriend wants to date multiple guys at the same time like the Bachelor! Is this a problem?! Time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!

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