#Rebooted: Watch the trailer for the new “Shaft” reboot in theaters this summer!

#Rebooted: Watch the trailer for the new “Shaft” reboot in theaters this summer!

The word of 2018 (and apparently 2019) is “reboot!” Think back to your favorite shows and movies, and the good news is you can probably assume that somewhere in some high-powered meeting room, people are discussing a reboot. And if you’re lucky … your reboot has probably already been announced and green lit!

Hooray for lack of creativity and more reboots!

That being said, there’s a Shaft reboot hitting theaters this summer! This time the story centers around John “JJ” Shaft III (played by Jessie T. Usher), and lucky for us also in the film are Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft Jr., and Richard Roundtree as Grandpa Shaft AKA The Original Shaft!

The film will probably have some good moments, but the jury is still out on if we really think the brand needed a reboot or not? Does anything REALLY need a reboot? What happened to all the new and original material?

Watch the trailer below:

SIDENOTE: That theme song (second only to Law & Order SVU) is pretty legit.

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