Remember IHOb? Well it’s back to IHOP…
(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Remember IHOb? Well it’s back to IHOP…

Oh, goodness! Where to begin with the “IHOb” and “IHOP” discussion?!

In case you were living under a rock here’s the quick recap: IHOP without warning announced that they were changing their name to “IHOb.” People made a plethora of guesses about what the “b” might mean until finally they announced the “b” stood for burgers. Huh? That’s weird. Now fast-forward, and according to a tweet the whole thing was really just a stunt to “bromote” their new burgers.

Good one, IHOP … insert eye roll and sarcastic slow clap. We can now rest easy knowing IHOP’s “rebranding” was just one big dad joke.

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