Ryan & Shannon

Very Clever Robin Williams Tribute


Atlanta Sportscaster Zack Klein has joined the long list of people that have gone out of their way to pay tribute to Robin Williams impressively long movie career.  Zack managed to seamlessly weave 22 of Robin’s movie titles into this sports report, check it out by CLICKING HERE

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Baby Loves The Remote Control


Most people prefer having the remote control just so they can watch whatever they chose, but this baby goes crazy just LOOKING at the remote…

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Three Song Showdown: Chain Link Songs


Every Friday we do the Three Song Showdown!  We pick the hook from three of our favorite songs that fit into the day’s category and put them up against one another for an epic musical battle!  Today’s Showdown Category is Chain Link songs.  The words of each song titles need to match. Example…  “Get Lucky” into “Lucky You” into “You Got ...

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Shannon’s High School Love Letters


We recently discovered that Shannon has saved all of the love letters she got from her High School Sweetheart almost 20 years ago… and she brought them in for us to read!  Not only are these letters a perfect mix of sweet and hilarious, but Ryan did something with them we NEVER saw coming…

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3 Song Showdown: Spin The Bottle


Every Friday we do the 3 Song Showdown! We pick the hook from three of our favorite songs that fit into the day’s category and put them up against one another. Today’s Showdown Category is…Spin The Bottle, Pick A Year.    

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Can’t He Stay Cute Forever?!

Saide Rant

99.9% of the time a child breaks into a tearful fit it’s an unwelcome event, but when 5 year-old Sadie has a fit it’s adorable!  Sadie just doesn’t want her little baby brother to grow up because he’s just too darn cute…

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You Can Now Wage Your Own Personal War…With Water Balloons


Josh Malone has solved a problem that has plagued parents and kids for years. Mr. Malone invented Bunch O Balloons, this is a device that allows you to simultaneously fill 37 water balloons in about 20 seconds! Just hook it up to your garden hose, fill and let the fun begin.   Click Here To See The Full Story  

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The Ring Cam


These days we are so surrounded with technology that we rarely miss capturing video of our favorite moments, but one monumental life moment often get missed… the marriage proposal!  Introducing the Ring Cam, a new service that allows you to rent a ring box with a camera installed inside of it so you can catch every emotion of popping the ...

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