Ryan & Shannon

Your Chance To Be In “Star Wars!”


This is such a genius move by J.J. Abrams, the Director for “Star Wars: Force of Change.”  He is giving the “Star Wars” fans of the world a chance to be in the new movie with a simple donation to UNICEF!  For every $10 you donate from now until July 18th you will be entered into a drawing to come ...

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Shannon’s Un-Handy Man


Shannon’s husband Tony was trying to be sweet, but it backfired horribly!  Tony painted on the wall in huge lettering “T+S Forever” before he painted the entire wall the same color.  Sadly even after painting over his message, you could still easily see it in the light!  Very sweet idea… nice try Tony!

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Tattoo Your Teeth


Some people are constantly looking for a new way to stand out from the rest, and now people have started tattooing their body in a unique place… their teeth!  There is a new dental service that allows you to impose an image of your choice onto a crown!  They’ve done logos from sports teams, television shows, bands, and even Harley ...

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Ryan’s Selling This Beautiful Blonde

Ryan was inspired by our listeners to write a provocative Craigslist ad to sell his bar stool, and we are curious how much we can get for a “famous” bar stool!  Check out the super honest we ad we wrote for Ryan’s stool by CLICKING HERE

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Sophia’s New Ride

Fias new ride

Everyone has that one gift you received as a child that you’ll never forget, and Shannon’s daughter Sophia just got hers from her Grandpa… or as she adorably calls him, Papi!

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Ryan Breaks The News: Mr. McFeely


Sometimes breaking bad or embarrassing news to the people in your life is difficult, so we have Ryan Break the News for you!  Listeners have e-mailed in the conflicts they don’t want to personally face so that Ryan can call them. This is the tale of Mr. McFeely, a local business manager that had a very odd and inappropriate habit ...

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The Dirt on Shannon Directly From Her Father!

Shannon and her Dad Mr Holly

Last week Shannon lost a bet with Ryan so she had to pay up by handing over her Dad’s phone number!  We’ve been wondering what Lil’ Shannon was like for years, and now is our chance.  So Ryan got 5 uninterrupted minutes to chat with her Dad, Dave, and ask any questions he wants.  Here’s the info we got…

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The “Zac Pack” Continues To Grow


Our beloved KS95 Kid Zac Bartz was a huge fan of actor Kevin James.  Well, Kevin caught wind of that and decided to show his huge heart!  Kevin called Zac and spoke with him the day he passed away.  He could have stopped there, but Zac touched Kevin’s heart like he had so many others, so Kevin offered to treat ...

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3 Song Showdown: Fight Songs In Honor Of The MN Wild


Every Friday we do the 3 Song Showdown! We pick the hook from three of our favorite songs that fit into the day’s category and put them up against one another. Today’s Showdown Category is …Fight Songs In Honor Of The MN Wild!    

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