Ryan & Shannon

3 Song Showdown: Friday Feel Good Songs


Every Friday we do the 3 Song Showdown! We pick the hook from three of our favorite songs that fit into the day’s category and put them up against one another! Today’s Showdown Category is…Friday Feel Good Songs!  

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Netflix Roulette


Introducing a website that will finally stop your never ending search for a movie on Netflix.  We’re not sure if this is going to help you or hurt you in the long run… but that’s for you to decide!  Netflix Roulette will simply just select a random movie for you and end the madness!  Sure it might stop your zombie ...

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50 Cent Should Keep His Day Job

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent was given the honor of throwing out the first pitch at the New York Mets game Tuesday night… and he clearly didn’t practice!  Embarrassing! 50 Cent isn’t the only celebrity to severely screw up the ceremonial first pitch, check out this video of past pitching errors!

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He’s Just A Little Boy


This poem was written for all of the parents that take their kids sport too seriously.  Anyone that is discouraging other children from participating, and ruining a fun experience for everyone.  It’s called “He’s Just A Little Boy,” and we encourage you to share this with any parents you know that have little athletes that just want to play.

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Staci Creeping Out Bryan Cranston!

photo 3(1)

Shannon and Staci won a trip to go see Jimmy Fallon in New York last weekend, so they spent their day roaming the streets of the City to find celebrities… and actually found some!  Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad was their first victim, and the successfully creeped him out! Here Staci is having a casual conversation with Bryan Cranston to ...

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Your Chance To Be In “Star Wars!”


This is such a genius move by J.J. Abrams, the Director for “Star Wars: Force of Change.”  He is giving the “Star Wars” fans of the world a chance to be in the new movie with a simple donation to UNICEF!  For every $10 you donate from now until July 18th you will be entered into a drawing to come ...

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Shannon’s Un-Handy Man


Shannon’s husband Tony was trying to be sweet, but it backfired horribly!  Tony painted on the wall in huge lettering “T+S Forever” before he painted the entire wall the same color.  Sadly even after painting over his message, you could still easily see it in the light!  Very sweet idea… nice try Tony!

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Tattoo Your Teeth


Some people are constantly looking for a new way to stand out from the rest, and now people have started tattooing their body in a unique place… their teeth!  There is a new dental service that allows you to impose an image of your choice onto a crown!  They’ve done logos from sports teams, television shows, bands, and even Harley ...

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