Ryan, Shannon & Fish

LEOLE – Never getting married again


Do you trust a guy when he tells you he’s never getting married again!? Or will he change? She’s wondering if she’s just being needy or if he’s overly independent with no need for her in his life. It’s time to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!       Read More »

Secrets – 05/09


Text us your secrets anonymously to 75617 and we’ll read them live on the air everyday at 7:20. Judging by the secrets we get, it’s a good thing we don’t know your names. Read More »

Love ’em or List ’em: Mommy Gap Year?


We spoke to Mary a few days ago. She was upset because her husband was always making her the brunt of the joke. The listeners gave her a lot of advice and she is going to listen to it, she moved out. Now she has decided to take a “Mommy Gap” year! What do you think? Can Mom’s take a ... Read More »

Son of the Year Award has already been WON!

Prom Night

This young man took his Mom to prom because she NEVER got to attend her own because she was busy raising him! Click Here for the Full Article #18yearsyoung I’m quite a few days late on my birthday post that this is a thank you to my mother who has been to 23 foster homes, had me at 17, raised ... Read More »

LEOLE – The Actor


Can you REALLY trust an actor? He’s is in a relationship with an aspiring actress…the problem is, she’s really good…now he’s having a hard time believing her about anything! Should he lover her or list her!? Read More »