Ryan, Shannon & Fish

3 Song Showdown – New Songs

3SS small

First 3 Song Showdown of the year and with a new year comes new songs! Who gets to throw up a win this week? Team Boody, FryNation or Girlparts? Find out in the 3 Song Showdown! Read More »

Secrets Thursday


Every Thursday you can text your deepest darkest secrets to 75617. Ryan, Shannon and Fish will read them anonymously on the air. Judging by the secrets it’s a good thing we don’t know your names. Read More »

Ryan’s Life Hacks

life hacks

Messy burritos? Awkward dates? Looking to prank your drinking buddy? Ryan’s life hacks this week are a little devious…   Read More »

Bachelor Boildown

bachelor boildown

This season, Ben the Bachelor takes his stab at love. Lace seems to be crazy, Beca is crazy hot and there is even a set of TWINS?!?!?! Shannon watches every week and gives you the dirty details in The Bachelor Boildown Read More »

Weekend regrets

sad and ashamed businessman with bag over head

Drank too much? Say something you shouldn’t have at a company party? Every Monday at 7:20am, text in your weekend regrets to 75617. We’ll read the best ones on the air! Read More »

Inspirational videos 2015


Need a little something to help get your butt in gear! Here are some of the year’s inspirational videos to help get you motivated. Shia Labeouf tells you to get after it!   Tracy Morgan returns to SNL   Otto the Bulldog breaks a world record!   Read More »