Ryan & Shannon with Fish

Photographic Proof That God Lives At Shannon’s House


Shannon shared a photo on FB that has the morning show making fun of her again. Ryan always says Shanny lives in a Norman Rockwell painting and this may be more proof.  This is a photo of her kids’ toy box. Shannon had her daughters hand-write words that represent something more important than toys. It’s her way of keeping their ... Read More »

How Do Your Kids Drive You Nuts?


With all of the school cancellations across the country this winter there have been a lot of frustrated parents trapped inside with the kids. Although this Mom could win “Most Frustrated Parent of 2015″ after hearing her daughter sing “Frozen” for 3 days straight. Click Here if you can relate! Read More »

Ryan sticks his foot in his mouth (w/ update!)


UPDATE! Ryan and Joanne finally go toe-to-toe in a bout a trivia   Over the weekend, Ryan was playing Trivia at a Buffalo Wild Wings when he started to do a little smack talking towards another player who he didn’t think could hear him. Turns out she listens to the show… Read More »