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Weekend Regrets

sad and ashamed businessman with bag over head

Everyone is broke from the holidays and saving themselves for next weekend’s Super Bowl! However, you guys certainly know how to do it up right over the weekend! Text in your weekend regrets every Monday to 75617 and we’ll read them live! Read More »

Thursday Secrets – 01/28


Every Thursday you can text your deepest darkest secrets to 75617. Ryan, Shannon and Fish will read them anonymously on the air. Judging by the secrets it’s a good thing we don’t know your names. Read More »

Melissa’s follow-up to Love “em or List ‘Em!


Yesterday, Melissa called in for Love ‘Em or List ‘Em to say she found a burner phone in her new boyfriend’s sock drawer. He said it was to call his mother so she didn’t have his real number. We wanted to know what happened when she confronted him about it. Here’s Melissa’s follow-up to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em!   Read More »

Love ’em or List ’em


Every Tuesday we discuss relationship topics submitted to us by our listeners. This week on Love ’em or List ’em our caller found stuff in her boyfriends sock drawer that is making her wonder if he is up to something or if she has been watching “Making a Murder” too much? What do you think? Love or List?   Read More »