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You’re Invited!

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After the Royals secured their spot in the World Series, Paul Rudd was kind enough to invite us to his mom’s house to celebrate! Road trip, anyone?

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3 Song Showdown: 80’s Songs

Every Friday we do the 3 Song Showdown. We pick 3 of our favorite artists in that weeks category and put them up against one another. In honor of Ryan’s birthday, we picked songs from the decade he was born in…The 80’s!!  

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Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ryan Birthday

Today, October 17th, is our beloved Ryan’s birthday so we got him some very special presents to celebrate the occasion!  Ryan’s favorite childhood TV show was Duck Tales, so she hunted down a cell that was created by the shows original animator!  Bangs & Icky get him a signed and autographed photo from Crisco! Happy Birthday, we hope it’s a very happy ...

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Shannon Attempts To Cook Again

Tony Cooking

Shannon wanted to surprise her husband Tony and actually cook a meal. She had to call Ryan and ask if you can cook steak without a grill and apparently you can… but not like this. After a second attempt she nailed it. Her kitchen was a MESS after the cooking but the good news is that she could not see it ...

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