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How Do Your Kids Drive You Nuts?


With all of the school cancellations across the country this winter there have been a lot of frustrated parents trapped inside with the kids. Although this Mom could win “Most Frustrated Parent of 2015″ after hearing her daughter sing “Frozen” for 3 days straight. Click Here if you can relate! Read More »

Ryan sticks his foot in his mouth (w/ update!)


UPDATE! Ryan and Joanne finally go toe-to-toe in a bout a trivia   Over the weekend, Ryan was playing Trivia at a Buffalo Wild Wings when he started to do a little smack talking towards another player who he didn’t think could hear him. Turns out she listens to the show… Read More »

WWYD: Erik and his lying co-worker


Erik’s co-worker has a unique way of inspiring others by telling stories of his rough upbringing and saying you can do great things when you put your mind to it. Problem is his upbringing was very middle class and not rough at all. Here is Erik’s Story… Read More »