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LEOLE – The Universe

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Should Dawn stay with a guy who thinks the “Universe” is controlling their life and they constantly need to look for signs that we’re making the right choices? Give a listen and let us know… should Dawn Love Him or List Him? Read More »

Clouds Choir 2015 video


Thank you again for another amazing Clouds Choir! Big thanks to Mall of America for hosting our 17th Annual KS95 for Kids Radiothon and our 3rd Annual Clouds Choir for a Cause!  Truly an amazing partner! Thanks to: All the families and choirs that came out to sing “Clouds” Karl from Atomic K Records & his staff and crew Mike ... Read More »

3 Song Showdown

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It’s getting down to the wire! Will Team Girlparts tie the FryNation this year?!?!? It’s a series of firsts (song you first kissed to, first song in your vehicle) for the 3 Song Showdown! Read More »

Secrets Thursday 12/10/2015


Every Thursday you can text your deepest darkest secrets to 75617. Ryan, Shannon and Fish will read them anonymously on the air. Judging by the secrets it’s a good thing we don’t know your names. Read More »

Love ‘Em or List ‘Em – Brittany’s Dog

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There’s somebody in Brittany’s life that strongly disapproves of her current boyfriend.  His opinion really matters to her because she needs him to like any guy that she could end up marrying. Listen below and tell us… would you Love ‘Em or List ‘Em? Read More »

Weekend Regrets

sad and ashamed businessman with bag over head

Drank too much? Say something you shouldn’t have at a company party? Every Monday at 7:20am, text in your weekend regrets to 75617. We’ll read the best ones on the air! Read More »