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Love ‘Em or List ‘Em – Petty Thief

Businessman Stealing Money

Elaina really enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Max. However, Max has a proclivity to steal. Nothing huge but little crimes. Is it a sign of bigger things to come or is he looking too deep into to this. So, would you Love ‘Em or List ‘Em? Read More »

LEOLE – Having dreams about her ex


Karissa is having dreams about her ex. Nothing too crazy but enough to make her think she might have married the wrong guy. Listen to her story and tell us would you Love ‘Em or List ‘Em?   Read More »

Does your dog love you?

dog begging on lap

There is a new viral video going around to determine if your dog loves you or not by fainting and getting their reaction. Here’s ours… Shannon’s dog Roxy  Fish’s dog Barret Bangs’ dog Buddy Ryan’s Dogs Gatsby and Oji Read More »