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Perfect Potato Recipe (For making your Mother in Law jealous)

Food Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

Shannon’s mother in law told her that she wasn’t allowed to do the Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving Dinner because, she can’t be trusted with something that important. So Shanny challenged Paula to a mashed potato battle of epic proportions. To help Shannon win, Ryan found what was voted the Best Mashed Potato Recipe of ALL TIME. Can Shannon Whip her ... Read More »

KS95 Kid Zac Bartz is honored in a new book


This book is about our little buddy and KS95 Kid Zac Bartz. His parents just finished it and it’s available now on Amazon. I was honored to write the forward for the book. Can you let your friends know so we can support the Bartz family? Zac’s story would be a great Christmas gift to keep people grateful and inspired. ... Read More »

The most attractive faces in the world


Yes or no? Are these the most attractive faces in the world? Science believes so. They are comprised of what was deemed the most attractive eyes, noses, cheeks, etc.   Scientists use e-fits to create the most attractive man and woman http://t.co/Lv7gdzBrXK pic.twitter.com/Nt3735Dwgw — Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) March 30, 2015 Read More »