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Easy Way To Protect Your PIN


These days everyone is so paranoid about cyber security (for all the right reasons) that we overlook some of the simple ways thieves can rob you in the real world.  Mark Rober will demonstrate a simple way the “bad guys” can steal your ATM PIN without you ever even knowing, and some easy ways to protect yourself!

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Dad’s Genius Prank on His Own Son

shower kid

This Dad really thought this one out… he decided to scare his son while he was in the shower by dumping a glass of ice cold water over his head, but there was a backup plan.  The kid got upset when he was surprised with the cold water, but when he pulls back the shower curtain to see Dad wearing ...

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Uncle Ryan Plays With The Kids At The Fair

Giant Slide

Ryan joined Shannon’s family at the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday, and “Uncle Ryan” decided to enjoy some of the rides with the kids… especially his personal favorite, the Giant Slide!

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Mom Prank: Bella Gets Busted


Shannon’s daughter Bella is a huge prankster. She is always getting Shanny so it was time to turn the tables for back to school!  Shannon told Bella that kids go back to school on Labor Day this year. Bella had to go to bed early the night before, wake up at the crack of dawn, rush to make the bus ...

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Shannon Tries Ghost Peppers!


Shannon loves all things spicy and swears she has a stomach of stainless steel, so we challenged her to try the dreaded Ghost Pepper! The Ghost Pepper is considered the hottest pepper on the planet and Alton’s at the Minnesota State Fair features Ghost Pepper Chicken Wings!  Let’s see just how much heat Shannon can handle…

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Ryan & Shannon Take The “Ice Bucket Challenge”

Ryan Shannon Ice Bucket

Ryan and Shannon have both been nominated for the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge,” and they have accepted!  The challenge is to either donate $100 to ALS, or dump a 5 gallon bucket of ice water over your head… They have decided to nominate Moon, Staci, and Crisco from the KS95 afternoon show.  You’re up!!! If you’re interested in donating money ...

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Can Shannon’s Daughter Sing?!

Fia Guitar

Shannon’s 4 year-old daughter Sophia displayed her musical talents last night when she sang Christina Perri’s “Human” and even played it on the guitar!  Ryan thinks this performance doesn’t deserve praises, what do you think?!  Does Fia have a future in the music industry?

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Baby Loves The Remote Control


Most people prefer having the remote control just so they can watch whatever they chose, but this baby goes crazy just LOOKING at the remote…

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Can’t He Stay Cute Forever?!

Saide Rant

99.9% of the time a child breaks into a tearful fit it’s an unwelcome event, but when 5 year-old Sadie has a fit it’s adorable!  Sadie just doesn’t want her little baby brother to grow up because he’s just too darn cute…

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