Ryan & Shannon Video

The Puppy Meltdown!


Do you remember your favorite gift as a child?  How outrageously happy you got once you saw it?  This 8 year-old was so overjoyed to finally get a puppy that it’s gone viral!

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Dieting Can Be Very Hard


Anyone that’s ever been on a diet knows that avoiding temptation is a extremely difficult thing to fight, and Ryan discovered that today… on day TWO of his new diet! What temptation made you finally break your diet?!

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Ryan’s Secret Bunny Nest


Last week while doing some landscaping Ryan discovered a Bunny nest with tiny newborn baby bunnies in it, and accidentally destroyed the nest in the process.  He decided to keep a close eye on the nest to make sure Mama Bunny comes back, and fortunately she did!  Now they are back with Mom and healthy in a new hidden nest.  ...

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50 Cent Should Keep His Day Job

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent was given the honor of throwing out the first pitch at the New York Mets game Tuesday night… and he clearly didn’t practice!  Embarrassing! 50 Cent isn’t the only celebrity to severely screw up the ceremonial first pitch, check out this video of past pitching errors!

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Another Wheel Of Fortune Fail


Who can forget the Wheel of Fortune contestant who only had to pronounce Achillies correctly and he could have won $1 Million… but instead just embarrassed himself.  Rachel’s puzzle was almost completely solved, and she embarrassed herself in a completely different way!

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Fia’s Fingers


Shannon’s 4 year-old daughter Sophia has developed the bad habit of sucking on her fingers and Shannon has decided she’s old enough that the habit needs to end.  Shannon’s tactic to make her stop was telling Fia that if she continues to suck on her fingers she’ll get severe buck teeth, and showed her THIS picture. After seeing the buck ...

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Are You Sleep Deprived?


Do you feel fully rested when you wake up in the morning?  Do you feel exhausted through your day?  You might be sleep deprived!  The video below has a simple 60 second test that will determine if you’re sleep deprived, and help you get a solid nights rest… Here are 10 science-based sleep tips to help improve your sleep 1) ...

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Stupidity Rewarded In Big Way


Jared Frank just wanted a super awesome selfie with a passing train behind him and it could make him up to $250,000! Jared was standing dangerously close to this train as it approached… the conductor spotted him and kick him in the head as he passed to teach Jared a lesson.  Unfortunately that lesson is that stupidity is sometimes rewarded!  ...

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