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Bangs pays up on her Vikings/Packers bet

bangs face

The bet was made Friday: Bangs’ Viking vs. Fish’s Packers. Well, we all know how things turned out Sunday afternoon and Bangs was on the receiving end of a Sharpie while Fish got to draw whatever he wanted! Read More »

KS95 Kid Zac Bartz is honored in a new book


This book is about our little buddy and KS95 Kid Zac Bartz. His parents just finished it and it’s available now on Amazon. I was honored to write the forward for the book. Can you let your friends know so we can support the Bartz family? Zac’s story would be a great Christmas gift to keep people grateful and inspired. ... Read More »

Does your dog love you?

dog begging on lap

There is a new viral video going around to determine if your dog loves you or not by fainting and getting their reaction. Here’s ours… Shannon’s dog Roxy  Fish’s dog Barret Bangs’ dog Buddy Ryan’s Dogs Gatsby and Oji Read More »

Lip Off Lip Sync Finale

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.33.29 AM

We hosted the finale to our Lip Off Lip Sync Contest at the Minnesota State Fair. We had 5 finalists perform in front of the crowd and we awarded $1,000 to the winner! Here are the performances – including the Morning Show and Afternoons Show with Dez & Darrin! Read More »

Ryanschlogen for Live 95!


Live 95 is October 2nd at the Varsity Theater (info here). How many swings of the hammer for Ryan to pound a nail into a log? Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday Read More »