Ryan & Shannon Video

Stupidity Rewarded In Big Way


Jared Frank just wanted a super awesome selfie with a passing train behind him and it could make him up to $250,000! Jared was standing dangerously close to this train as it approached… the conductor spotted him and kick him in the head as he passed to teach Jared a lesson.  Unfortunately that lesson is that stupidity is sometimes rewarded!  ...

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Taylor Swift’s Big Surprise

Taylor Swift

Gena Gabrielle claims she’s the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the world!  She’s gone to many of her shows, constantly listens to her records, and even picked a Taylor song for her Wedding Song.  When Gena invited Taylor to her Bridal Shower in Ohio she never thought she would show up… apparently she doesn’t know Taylor THAT well!

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Hilarious Runway Fall

Runway Fall

Most of us have sacrificed some level of comfort in the name of fashion, but this is ridiculous!  Does anyone actually wear these heels?!  Check out this runway model attempt to strut in these enormous heels…

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Shannon’s Jersey Nails


Shannon’s nails have become so long that they’re making everyday tasks more difficult… like using her phone or typing.  Fortunately Bangs caught Shannon “typing” on video for us all to see…

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Shannon Throws Out First Pitch at Twins Game!


One of our favorite videos! It’s Twins Season again so today we remembered when Shanny first moved here and was asked to throw out the first pitch.  She decided to go all out and take it from the mound…there was an arch for sure, but it was determined a STRIIIIIIIIKE!  Whew!

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Spray Tan Disaster!


By request after Shannon’s story of being super-sprayed by a faulty tanning machine, here’s the “Ross in the spray tan machine” episode.  By the way, thanks for all the texts and calls about how to scrub a spray tan off!  Apparently scrubbing with sugar and baby oil gets the orange out.  Enjoy this classic as Shannon tries to get her ...

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Getting Creative With Weddings


It’s just not enough to have a beautiful wedding that your guests enjoy, now Brides want their wedding to go viral!  From strange wedding photos, to odd themes, and crazy entrances!  That’s exactly what Shannon witnessed at a family wedding in Florida over the weekend… What’s the oddest/coolest idea you’ve seen at a wedding?!

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“Happy” April Fools Shannon


Shannon had to experience one of her biggest nightmares this morning, all in the name of April Fools Day!  Ryan, Icky, and Bangs have created a plan to put Shannon in the hot seat and see what happens. All morning Icky has been faking stomach pains leading to the dramatic point when he “nearly faints” walking down the hall right ...

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Instant Karma for Road Rage


Who’s worse?  The woman that is recording a video while she’s driving… or the guy that’s tailgating and becomes angry when he noticed he’s being filmed?  Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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Shannon Tests Her Husband


It’s called “contagious yawning.”  Recent studies show that when two people are truly in love they are more likely to have contagious yawning.  With friends and acquaintances your yawn may not be contagious at all, but loved ones will yawn almost instantly.  Shannon decided to test her husband, Tony, to see if they are truly in love… here are the ...

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