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Baby Reveal Gone Wrong!

Baby Reveal

Mom and Dad got creative when they announced the gender of their fourth child to their kids, but it backfires when the news of another baby girl is not happy news.

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Tyler from the Neon Trees

Neon Trees

Ryan & Shannon sat down with the lead singer of the Neon Trees, Tyler Glenn, to settle some debates they’ve had on the show recently.  Who better to end these arguments than an impartial rock star!

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Magic for Dogs


We’re all guilty of fake tossing the ball for the dog, their confusion is hilarious almost every time.  What would happen is a magician used his slight of hand tricks to make a dog treat disappear?!

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Shannon Tests Ryan’s “Athleticism”


Everyday Ryan crumples up a piece of paper and attempts to shoot the balled up piece of paper into the trash can only a few feet away… and misses nearly every time!  It’s kind of sad.  We try to make excuses for why he’s so terrible at making a basket from such a short distance, but it appears he just ...

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Testing The 5 Second Rule


You’re chowing down on some delicious treat you’ve been craving all day long, and the first bite falls and lands on the floor… what do you do?!  Follow the 5 second rule, snatch it, and enjoy?  Or write that bite off as garbage? A new study out of Aston University in Birmingham is supporting the 5 second rule!  Their scientific ...

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One Impatient Pup


He just needed to run in the store quickly, why not just leave the dog in the car with the window cracked?  This Boxer named Fern wasn’t havin’ it!  Instead of waiting patiently in the car, she laid on the horn to alert her owner she was done waiting.  Fern honked the horn for 15 minutes!  When the owner returned ...

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The First Kiss… With A Stranger


Could you kiss a total stranger upon introduction?  What if there was a camera in your face recording the whole thing to share with the world?! WREN filmed a great social experiment involving 20 total strangers, and asked them to kiss.  Prepare for awkwardness…

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Star Wars Gets “Happy”

Star Wars

Pharrell Williams “Happy” video has inspired many spin off videos, but this new creation features some of the most famous characters from “Star Wars” dancing through Tatooine!  Leave it up to the nerds to make a fun video… )

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