Ryan & Shannon Video

Star Wars Gets “Happy”

Star Wars

Pharrell Williams “Happy” video has inspired many spin off videos, but this new creation features some of the most famous characters from “Star Wars” dancing through Tatooine!  Leave it up to the nerds to make a fun video… )

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President Obama on “Between Two Ferns”

Barack Obama

“Between Two Ferns” is a mock-talk show on FunnyorDie.com hosted by Zach Galifianakis.  Over the years the show has featured some huge names like Justin Bieber, Bradley Cooper, and Natalie Portman… but none as monumental is the President of the United States of America!  President Obama plays along and helps make another hilarious “Between Two Ferns” video! CLICK HERE to ...

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Ready for Winter to End? Imagine Living Here!


Every time the weather appears to be improving Mother Nature throws us another frozen curve ball!  However it could always be worse!  Check out what life is like at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica right now!

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Goodbye Metrodome

Metrodome Deflation Football

The demolition of the Metrodome took an explosive step in the right direction on Sunday morning.  It may be sad to watch a piece of the Twin Cities be blown up, but we are only a couple years from having a beautiful new stadium to enjoy!  Check out some great videos of the Metrodome being demolished.

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Icky’s “Shower Sammy”

Shower Sammy

Friday morning Icky revealed that he likes to take his time and enjoy weekend showers as much as possible… and will sometimes even bring a sandwich in the shower with him to eat while relishing in the warmth.  He even has a name for them, a “Shower Sammy!” We thought this was such a strange habit that we asked him ...

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Shan’s Cans Caught on Video!

Shans Cans

Ryan recently broke the news to Shannon that she inappropriately wipes the grease on her phone screen off on her boob, and she does it ALL THE TIME!  She refused to believe that she does it, so Ryan secretly recorded Shannon to catch her!  Now there is proof…

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Pina Colliding


Someone is making videos that combine violent, ugly movie scenes with “The Pina Colada Song.”  They’ve already done it with scenes from movies like “Silence of the Lambs,” “The Departed,” “Seven” and even “The Lion King.”  The results are pretty great! You can see all of the “Pina Colliding” songs by CLICKING HERE

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The “Minnesota Card” Checklist


Icky has lived in Minnesota for nearly a year now, and wants to be considered a true Minnesotan, so we are putting him to the test!  With your help we have created a list of qualifications before he can truly earn his “Minnesota Card!” Eat Goulash Catch and Eat Walleye Ice Fishing Eat Hot Dish Attend a Twins/Vikings/Wild Game Must ...

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