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Sports Illustrated Goes Zero G

2013 Style Awards - Arrivals

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Swimsuit Issue Sports Illustrated decided to get creative, so they did a photo shoot with Kate Upton in Zero Gravity! The issue is available online now if you still buy magazines.

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Icky’s Big Date With Aubrey


After weeks of collecting online submissions from possible Valentine’s Day Dates for Icky the listeners chose Aubrey for the big date!   The big question is how did it go?  Are you guys expert matchmakers?  Did Aubrey enjoy her time with Icky?  Will there be a second date?! However during the date on Friday Ryan and Shannon couldn’t help but ...

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From Dud to Stud!


When Johnny Shore arrived at the Mall of America on Valentine’s Day he was a Dud, but he earned his right to leave a Stud!  Johnny was one of the 23 grown men fighting blindfolded through a mountain of cake searching for a tiny heart and the Grand Prize of a trip to the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya in Mexico. ...

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A Special Valentine’s Serenade

Jeff Timmons Fix

Dreams came true in the KS95 Studios on Valentine’s Day for both Shannon and one lucky listener!  Jeff Timmons joined Ryan & Shannon in studio to surprise our Three Song Showdown winner with a Valentine’s Serenade of “I do (cherish you)!”  Shannon also got something she’s been waiting over a decade for… a kiss from Jeff!  (Swoon)

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Shannon Gets Dolled Up


It’s not everyday that Shannon gets dressed to the nines to be on the radio… but today we have a very special guest!  Someone that Shannon has been crushing on for YEARS!!!  Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees is in studio, and she is ready for him!

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Icky vs The Chanhassen Fire Department for “The Climb”


On Saturday February 22nd Icky will be participating in the Fight For Air Climb at the US Bank Plaza in Minneapolis.  At the Climb he will be ascending up 31 stories in an effort to raise money and awareness for the American Lung Association.  Since Ryan will be hosting the event he thought some training was in order for Icky…  ...

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Don’t Cross Samuel L Jackson!

Scarlett Johansson

It could be a simple misunderstanding, but he made this mix up with the wrong guy!  This LA reporter interviewed Samuel L Jackson Live on the air and asked him about his Super Bowl Commercial… that he wasn’t in.  It was Laurence Fishburne!  Well Samuel didn’t let him live this mistake down and grilled him for 3 minutes!

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Slackline 10,000ft In The Sky


Late last month, two tightrope walkers in Spain attempted to walk from one hot air balloon to another across a “slackline,” which is like a tightrope but wider.   And they did it while they were 10,000 feet in the air!!!

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Scary First Person View of Olympic Downhill Skiing

Sochi Olympics Alpine Skiing Women

The Olympics Skiers in Sochi ares saying that the downhill course is beyond terrifying, and American Bode Miller said it “could kill you!” To prove how scary the Russian Slopes are a former Olympian, Graham Bell, skied it for the BBC while holding a camera.  You have to see this to believe it!

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