Ryan & Shannon Video

Surprise Anniversary Gift!

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What would you do if your hubby/wife told you one morning that you didn’t need to go to work because you were headed to Europe?? We’re pretty sure we’d react just like her! Happy 5 years, you two! Cheers! Read More »

Worlds Worst Driver.

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Yep. We found them. If you have 4 minutes to spare, watch the worst driver (who belongs in Canada) take the longest amount of time to get out of a parking lot. The. longest. time. Read More »

Driver For A Day

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4-year-old Carson has always admired his neighborhood UPS driver, Mr. Ernie. He even has the exact UPS outfit to wear when it’s package day! Little did he know, this package day would be the most special of all –  it was his turn to be the UPS driver he’d always dreamed of! How sweet is this?? Read More »

Oprah Is Lion To You


Recently while shooting a cover for O magazine issue about facing your fears, Oprah decided to bypass testing her own fears. Instead of using a real Lion for the photo shoot, they used a guy in a lion suit. Click here for the full article and the photos Read More »

Tegan The Rave Baby

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We have a little Dubstep dancer on our hands! Meet Tegan. He’s a small human and is already a better dancer than most of us adults!! Read More »