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What It’s Like To Be Color Blind

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When you’re color blind, it’s hard to really describe what exactly you can and can’t see. This helpful video sheds some light on the reality of color blindness! Do you know anyone who’s color blind? Read More »

Fa La La La La

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This daddy and daughter duo have found a new way to sing Christmas carols together! What holiday tunes do you and your kids sing? Read More »

Moon & Staci’s Best of 2014: The Finals!


The end of the year is here again and, with it, the many ‘Best of’ lists. In the spirit of friendly competition, Moon, Staci, Crisco and Beaker each chose a favorite song, local show, movie and commercial from 2014. All week we pitted song against song, local show against local show, commercial against commercial and movie against movie, and now ... Read More »

Humans Are Awesome

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In case you need a confidence booster, or inspiration, here’s an awesome compilation of humans doing amazing things!! It’s incredible what the body is capable of! Read More »