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Daredevils Scale Hong Kong

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.12.53 AM

These crazy daredevil’s climbed one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong and made a video from their adventure. To put it mildly –  it looks insane.

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Baby Learning How To Walk!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.54.38 AM

There’s nothing more magical than seeing your child walk for the first time. These parents created a time-lapse video to record the many attempts as she slowly learns to get it right

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3 Song Showdown: Zombie Songs Featuring Dead-ish Artists


Every Friday we play the 3 Song Showdown! We pick 3 of our favorite songs that fit into the weeks category and put them up against one another. This week’s 3 Song Showdown category is Zombie Songs: Dead-ish artists. Meaning, the artist is still alive but their career is pretty much dead.  

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Icky’s Finally Earned His Minnesota Card!


Icky will be leaving the “Ryan & Shannon Show” on Halloween, but before he left Minnesota he wanted to finally earn his Minnesota Card!  On Thursday morning they put him to the final test… eating Lutefisk!  After successfully eating this Minnesota “dish” he earned his right to call himself a Minnesotan, and even got a reward!  The trophy he can ...

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