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Dude, Where’s My Car?


Ozzy Osbourne needs Sharon Osbourne. We know that. What we didn’t know was…how much. Click here to see Ozzy Osbourne actually get in the wrong car  

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Princess Addison Meets A Unicorn

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.06.49 PM

Princess Addison is sadly battling leukemia.  She’s always had a dream of traveling to Hawaii because that’s where she believes Unicorns exist.  Make A Wish foundation actually created a “Pink Unicorn” for Addison to meet and ride in Hawaii. For the whole story Click Here    

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3 Song Showdown: N-F-L

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.33.44 AM

Every Friday we play the 3 Song Showdown. We pick the hook from three of our favorite songs that fit into the day’s category and put them up against each other. This week’s category is N-F-L. The artist or song title has to begin with an N, a F and a L.  

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It’s Always Fun To Prank The Prankster


Ryan is the king of pranksters in the office, so whenever we can get him back is a great day!  Yesterday Shannon and Icky tied a very pretty pink bow onto the front grill of his big SUV.  So far his truck has been ever so pretty for an entire day, how long will it stay so very pretty before ...

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Coming Close To Greatness

joan rivers

A little over a year ago I was performing at the Comedy 10K Comedy Contest at Diamond Jo’s Casino in Dubuque, IA. Backstage they have a Wall Of Fame, where every famous person who performs there decorates their own blank canvas. I ended up not advancing in the contest and I was pretty bummed out. As I was leaving at ...

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Mom Prank: Bella Gets Busted


Shannon’s daughter Bella is a huge prankster. She is always getting Shanny so it was time to turn the tables for back to school!  Shannon told Bella that kids go back to school on Labor Day this year. Bella had to go to bed early the night before, wake up at the crack of dawn, rush to make the bus ...

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Ryan Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine


Around the KS95 studios Ryan is our resident prankster.  He loves to trick, confuse, and scare anyone he can… but it’s time to start getting him back!  Last Friday while the whole crew was at the fair Icky revived a classic prank to get Ryan back!

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3 Song Showdown: Labor Artists


Every Friday we play the 3 Song Showdown. We pick the hook from three of our favorite songs that fit into the day’s category and put them up against one another! Today’s Showdown Category is…Labor Artists. Artists that have more than one job or source of income.      

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Shannon Tries Ghost Peppers!


Shannon loves all things spicy and swears she has a stomach of stainless steel, so we challenged her to try the dreaded Ghost Pepper! The Ghost Pepper is considered the hottest pepper on the planet and Alton’s at the Minnesota State Fair features Ghost Pepper Chicken Wings!  Let’s see just how much heat Shannon can handle…

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Shannon’s First Tattoo!


Shannon finally got her first tattoo this past weekend! She got the coordinates of Rockefeller Center in New York City because she had so many special times with her Mom there before she passed away. Shannon also takes her girls there as a family tradition.  She said it didn’t hurt at all!  Weirdly enough, she said she LIKED it?!?!  With ...

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