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There Are Over 200 Flavors Of This…What Is It?


Today Shannon asked a question. “There are over 200 flavors of this…what is it?” The Answer: Lay’s Potato Chips! Below is a list of all of the different varieties of Lay’s organized by countries. Some of these flavors are pretty interesting; would you try Smokey Bacon, Wasabi flavor or perhaps you’re like the people in Belgium and you prefer Cucumber ...

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Hilarious Runway Fall

Runway Fall

Most of us have sacrificed some level of comfort in the name of fashion, but this is ridiculous!  Does anyone actually wear these heels?!  Check out this runway model attempt to strut in these enormous heels…

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Shannon’s Jersey Nails


Shannon’s nails have become so long that they’re making everyday tasks more difficult… like using her phone or typing.  Fortunately Bangs caught Shannon “typing” on video for us all to see…

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Shannon Throws Out First Pitch at Twins Game!


One of our favorite videos! It’s Twins Season again so today we remembered when Shanny first moved here and was asked to throw out the first pitch.  She decided to go all out and take it from the mound…there was an arch for sure, but it was determined a STRIIIIIIIIKE!  Whew!

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Shannon Holly: Honker Hunter


Shannon is determined to get rid of the “Honkers” (Canadian Geese) that haunt her neighborhood. She has tried squirting them with water and running after them with her arms in the air; neither worked. A few weeks ago Shannon heard a really creative solution to her Honker Hate. A group in Iowa designed their own remote controlled toy helicopter to ...

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Awkward in 88′


Ever wonder what to do when a lesbian walks into the room? Probably not but, in 1988 a University of Wisconsin Women’s Study Class developed a list of tips to help make the situation less awkward…kinda. Click Here to see the list

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Spray Tan Disaster!


By request after Shannon’s story of being super-sprayed by a faulty tanning machine, here’s the “Ross in the spray tan machine” episode.  By the way, thanks for all the texts and calls about how to scrub a spray tan off!  Apparently scrubbing with sugar and baby oil gets the orange out.  Enjoy this classic as Shannon tries to get her ...

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The Skinny Selfie App!


They say that the camera can add 15 pounds, and thanks to a new app you can take that 15 pounds back off with the push of a button!  It’s called SkinneePix, and it will let you select if you want to shed 5, 10, or 15 pounds off your selfie.  It only costs $.99 in the App Store and ...

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Getting Creative With Weddings


It’s just not enough to have a beautiful wedding that your guests enjoy, now Brides want their wedding to go viral!  From strange wedding photos, to odd themes, and crazy entrances!  That’s exactly what Shannon witnessed at a family wedding in Florida over the weekend… What’s the oddest/coolest idea you’ve seen at a wedding?!

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3 Song Showdown: THE Showdown


Every Tuesday and Friday we do the 3 Song Showdown! We pick the hook from three of our favorite songs that fit into the day’s category and put them up against one another! Today’s showdown category is…THE Showdown. Which means your song title or band name must begin with the word THE.    

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