Is there such a thing as too much mac and cheese?!

Is there such a thing as too much mac and cheese?!

We love mac and cheese!

Like we seriously LOVE it, but all good things have their limit and we might have found ours thanks to good ole’ Costco!

You remember Costco, right?! That giant warehouse store where you can buy just about anything in bulk, gorge on free samples, and wrap it all up with a warm churro from the food court. Yeah … Costco is solid.

But they may have just ruined mac and cheese for us.

Now you can purchase a 27 pound (180 serving) size BUCKET of Chef’s Banquet brand mac and cheese tub for the low low price of only $89.99! Some people might find that appealing but for some reason, we don’t.

Unfortunately, they are SOLD OUT at the moment! Can you believe that?! SOLD OUT! So unless you’re willing to shell out an extra $60 to order it on … you’re gonna have wait to eat your feelings in 27 pounds of mac and cheese.


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