Staci Creeping Out Bryan Cranston!

Staci Creeping Out Bryan Cranston!

Shannon and Staci won a trip to go see Jimmy Fallon in New York last weekend, so they spent their day roaming the streets of the City to find celebrities… and actually found some!  Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad was their first victim, and the successfully creeped him out!
Here Staci is having a casual conversation with Bryan Cranston to establish she’s normal and build trust.

photo 1(2)

She goes for the normal photo…

photo 3(1)

This is the official moment when Staci violated Bryan Cranston’s personal space. I only wish I got the photo of his reaction…he was stunned at which point I laughed so hard I peed a little. * Notice how Staci’s face is blurry because of how fast she is moving in on him! SECURITY!!!

photo 4(1)

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