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Batkid Saves City!!


A remarkable story of courage. An entire City comes together, to make one little boy's dream... come true. Read More »

Halloween Light Display

It took 8,500 LED lights and countless hours to setup this amazing Halloween display set to "The Fox" from Ylvis! Read More »

Guy Sets The Proposal Bar Very High!

This is an epic proposal from a guy named Justin for his girlfriend Emily. This story has an extra special connection to us at KS95 because Justin is the one responsible for the Zach Sobiech documentary and the special celebrity version of Clouds! He put together this new video and it is amazing and emotional and cool! Check it out! Read More »

“Don’t Blow It” Shannon v Bangs

Today's "Don't Blow It" challenge is between Shannon and Bangs! Who can maintain their cool while listening to comedy with a mouth full of water? This will get messy! Read More »