Taylor Swift Feuds With Neighbors

Taylor Swift Feuds With Neighbors

Taylor’s Rhode Island neighbors are angry about construction work on her property, which they claim is restricting access to a public beach.

She paid $17 million for the 11,000 square-foot historic mansion located an exclusive neighborhood in Westerly.   It has 16 rooms on more than five acres.  She is spending money on improvements to the property, including on a seawall that some locals have claimed will restrict access to a public beach.  Taylor said she is only restoring the wall after it was damaged by super storm Sandy and she has all of the required permits etc.

The Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission for Rhode Island told ABC News it had “no issues” with the project and the group that regulates coastal development has said the work is up to snuff.

Maybe not the best way to start off a neighborly friendship.  Lol  Have your neighbors ever done anything to made YOU mad????

PS I took this photo at Taylor’s concert a couple years back…yep I touched her hand. haaaa!




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