The Newborn King is here!
The Future King

The Newborn King is here!

According to the official Royal announcment, Prince William and Kate Duchess of Cambridge announce the birth of their SON.  The young Duke of Cambridge.

8 Pounds and 6 Ounces of bundled Joy arrived at 4:24 PM.

After Prince Charles and William, the baby will become third in line to the British throne.

Sorry Harry.

As to the boy-King’s name?  Well officials have said that announcement will be made in due time.

People of England and Europe have been laying down MILLIONS of pounds in bets as to what his name will be.  The leader so far? Well, if the new Mummy and Daddy stick with tradition, possibly James Arthur.  Or possibly George Arthur.  (Arthur is both Charles’ and William’s Middle name).  But count on at least 4 names as that is the traditional way to go.

Now, if William and Kate decide to buck tradition (which some say they may just try and do), well then how about something comtemporary? 

King Stewie anyone?

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