Unfit Bit Challange

Shannon, in an attempt to get Fish and Ryan up and at ’em, got them matching FitBits. However, those two are the masters at laziness and decided to go opposite… see who can get the least amount of steps! With the help of a couple listener coaches (Ashley for Fish and Jennifer for Ryan, we’ll reveal Wednesday who the King of Atrophy really is!


Here’s an tweet from Ashley, Fish’s coach:

Hi I’m Ashley! It’s awkward because I am actually an exercise science major. I want to give you the best advice to be lazy!

First put this song on repeat!
The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

If you do end up having to go anywhere park your car as close as possible without going in a handicap parking spot. Or if you know someone with one borrow it for a few days
If your wife tries to get you outside use my excuse in a minute. My husband hates that.
If you have to go grocery shopping I’m gonna say use the buggy cart.

A few quotes:
I’m not lazy I’m just on energy saving mode
I never run with scissors… The last two words were not needed   
Today I will be useless like the g in lasagna
I can’t get out of bed. The blankets have accepted me as one of their own and I’d hate to disturb this ecosystem

🙂 we can do this!!
Ashley Hood “hoodlum”


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