Words of Advice on Drinking and Life

Words of Advice on Drinking and Life

How did you handle your kid turning 21 years-old?!  We talked to a Mom today that came up with her own list of advice for drinking and life.  She wants to give this list to her son before his 21st birthday, but isn’t sure if this will make him want to drink even more.

Here is her list of rules….

21. Always have a 2 or 3 drink MAX.  (You’ll never be sorry)

20. Just because you are in a BAR, doesn’t mean you HAVE to drink.

19. Never do SHOTS.  (All shots are for is getting drunk)

18. Make sure you eat a meal.  (Drinking on an empty stomache will make the alcohol affect you more)

17. Just because someone buys you a drink, you don’t have to drink it.

16. Don’t mix different kinds of alcohol.  (It could make you sicker)

15. Stop drinking when you feel tipsy.  (That way you don’t overdo it)

14. Make sure your friends are OK, and they should do the same for you.  (Buddy system)

13. Don’t give in to pressure from friends to drink too much.  (You could DIE if you drink 21 shots)

12. Alcohol affects everyone differently, listen to your body.

11. The effects of alcohol can sneak up on you, so go slowly.

10. Drink plenty of water, so you’re not dehydrated.

9. Drinking is expensive.

8. Pop is cheap.

7. NEVER, EVER drink and drive.

6. Drinking is really highly over-rated.

5. Remember Dad’s saying, “The more you drink, the more you drink.”

4. There are a lot of other ways to have fun besides drinking.

3. Drinking can lead to making life changing, stupid decisions.

2. Be careful!


Do you agree with the list?  Would this have helped you when you turned 21?!

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