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The Latest Music Video from ZAYN is Here


The latest video from ZAYN sets the young star in a deep and picturesque dreamscape that jumps from stage to stage.

‘Vibez’ references young love, freedom and imagination in the scope of ZAYN’s career. Young love, as a musical topic, has always inspired and nurtured the R&B/pop scene with the likes of Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles becoming involved in the dreamier aspects of the genre. Since his beginnings in England at the ‘X factor’ in 2010, ZAYN has lived out an incredible career. Firstly enjoying global success with One Direction, and later leaving the group in 2015 to sign with RCA Records.


Not all pop stars who reach fame via a group are able to move onwards with striking solo careers. Do you think ZAYN has the likability to remain at the heights of pop stardom throughout his solo career? Will we ever see him form other musical groups to expand his creative palette? If this new track is any indication, we can expect a lot of great content from ZAYN in 2021.