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Bryce’s Wedding Redemption Saga

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Last week Bryce joined us on Love ‘Em or List ‘Em to share her predicament with all of us. We had no idea this would turn into one of the craziest and most followed Love ‘Em of List ‘Em’s we’ve ever done. Bryce was set to get married Saturday. She joined us the Thursday prior to her wedding to tell us why this wasn’t going to be your typical wedding. After sharing her story and the plans she has plotted out we were all absolutely astonished. Leaving us quite literally speechless, stunned and in shock, while at the same time dying to know what’s going to happen next and how this will all play out. Crisco, Dez, Ryan and listeners alike all begged Bryce to please come back and tell us what happened! So, immediately we put out the invite, “will you join us Monday following your Saturday wedding and tell us all exactly what happened?” After much deliberation, contemplation, and some off-air conversation Bryce said ok. She’ll come back Monday and tell us exactly how this all played out. We all love the weekend, but this week was different. For this one time, Monday couldn’t come fast enough. We couldn’t wait for the follow up! What happened? Did she do it? What was the reaction and did anyone end up in the hospital? Well, the follow up didn’t disappoint. If you missed it or want to hear it again, you can listen to all of it right here. Bryce’s original Love ‘Em or List ‘Em appearance and the follow up. Some say this should be made into a movie. You decide.

Bryce’s First Appearance

Love 'Em or List 'Em: Bryce's Bridal Bomb

Bryce’s Follow Up

Love 'Em or List 'Em: Bryce's Follow Up