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Marvel Movies and The new Thor trailer!

Thor Trailer

I have only seen a few Marvel movies here and there and obviously I didnt quite get all the things going on in them. My husband is the same way so we decided to watch all the Marvel movies in timeline order (this is very controversial) LOL buuuut we dont know ANYthing about these characters or their story so its been REALLY helping starting from the beginning and learning it all in the order it happened.  Quite a few people told me to skip Hulk with Edward Norton but i really liked it and I also enjoy Ed more as Hulk…Now that I think about it there are only two Spiderman movies at the end of the list and no Deadpool movies…isnt that Marvel?? Now I have to look it up cause Im confused again. ANYWAY, the new trailer for  “Thor: Love and Thunder” came out and its got over 11 million views so far. Again…ive seen all the Thor movies and literally had zero idea that Jane is his ex AND shes a superhero…

We also get a look at the bad guy of the film, Christian Bale’s Gorr who aims to destroy all gods.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” drops July 8th in theaters.