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We have 21 new emojis!  They are available with the new Iphone update and the Android next month.

Who knew we needed emojis like pea pods, a moose, a goose, a donkey, and a jellyfish.

But we can now “high-five” people and you have to use two emojis to do it.

There’s a new right-facing palm, and a left-facing palm. If you pair them up, it looks like two hands high-fiving.  There is also a pink, light blue and gray heart.

There’s also a new “shaking face” emoji.  It can be used to convey “shock, fear, confusion, disbelief, anticipation, and excitement.”

Here are the rest of the new emojis:  Black bird . . . hyacinth flower . . . folding hand fan . . . hair pick . . . flute . . . maracas . . . and a new “ginger” emoji.  The food, not the hair color.

First look at the next set of emojis coming to iPhones

(📸: @Emojipedia) pic.twitter.com/uebpGrchSJ

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) February 16, 2023