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Highly Recommend Charleston!


Last week we went to Charleston, SC. It’s the cutest town! We stayed at Hotel Bennett and before you call us bouje let me tell you we found an AMAZING deal on Expedia. We just got lucky. But I do recommend the hotel it was beautiful.  Mirror selfie by the elevator cause what else do you do on vacation?














My food reviews are as follows. We had breakfast at the hotel and the avo toast was amazing. We had breakfast at Victorias (husband liked it, I did not) and Toast. We went to Toast twice and loved it both times.  We had a nice dinner at Hanks and it was fine.  We had better fish at the lesser spending restaurants which brings me to my two fav places 167 raw where I had the BEST ceviche I will ever have again in my lifetime and 167 Sushi where we had the best miso soup and sushi…ever. They don’t serve soy sauce because their fish and rolls are sooo flavorful.  I will be dreaming about this sushi for a VERY long time.

This was the hand roll special that was HANDS DOWN the greatest roll ever and the second was a crab rangoon roll that man I want to go back just to go to those two places.














We were walking downtown and saw this old church with a path so we thought lets go see where this leads and it took us to the OLDEST, most beautiful cemetery. The headstones had dates on them from the 1800s.

















We also took a tour to Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. I learned A LOT about the Civil War that day. Normally I’m eh on history and tours but I really enjoyed this one and I’m glad we went!

If you are looking for somewhere to get married, the wedding we went to was held at The William Aiken House and it was STUNNING.

An incredible place to have a wedding.