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2023 Predictions From 100 Years Ago

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I saw this article I thought was pretty funny! Someone went through old newspaper stories from 1923 to what the “experts” were predicting for 2023 and some have come true! They predicted constant airline traffic, USA population of 300 million, and talking to someone in real time through your watch!

Here are some others I found absolutely hilarious!

1. People will work a max of four hours a day. The headline for that one was, “No More Hard Work by 2023!” They said electricity would make it possible. (In 1923, less than half of U.S. homes had power.)

2. No ugly people. They thought beauty pageants would become obsolete, because it would be almost impossible to choose a winner. (Elle oh Elle at this one)

3. Women will paint their teeth black to be fashionable. Obviously a lot of people whiten their teeth now. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF WE PAINTED OUR TEETH BLACK???!!! LOL

4. Gasoline will be replaced by radio waves. So, powering your car by blasting KS95 apparently?

5. The average life expectancy will be 100 years old and another expert said 300. The average in the U.S. back then was just 57 years old, and now it’s around 76.

6. Flying from Chicago to Germany will only take 18 hours. It’s half that now, around a nine-hour flight.

7. Cancer will be eradicated. Unfortunately not yet.

8. Homes won’t have kitchens anymore. That one basically said we’d have ways to make food using, quote, “chemical formulas” and wouldn’t need to cook. (This sounds horrible actually)

9. Telepathy will exist. That one said we’d even be able to speak telepathically with babies.

10. Kidney koozies. Like beer koozies, but to keep your internal organs warm.

Here’s the actual article if you want to read the entire thing for yourself!