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4 Week Challenge

Please join us! Earlier this week Crisco announced he’s embarking on a new challenge. As many of us know, he completed the 75 Hard challenge a few months ago which impressed us all. With the holidays approaching soon after completing that challenge, Crisco took a much deserved, short break. With the calendar turning Crisco decided it was time to get back on track and start 2023 with a bang! He introduced us all to the “4 Week Challenge”. A challenge that forces you to eat a healthier diet and eliminate many of the junk foods we all love and enjoy on a daily basis. This includes no chips or fries, no soda or juice, no candy, fast food, white bread and more. View this blogs main picture to see the rules of this challenge and the diet restrictions. When Crisco announced on-air that he was starting this challenge, it only took about a minute for Dez to announce that she was going to join Crisco on this challenge. Soon Pidge teamed up with the two and a brand new challenge was born. Ryan said ok you three, if all three of you can complete this 4 Week challenge together I will take all three of you out, wherever you want to go and you can get whatever you want. However, if you lose, the first one to crack has to take me out to eat wherever I want and I can get whatever I want. Challenge accepted by all sides. The best part came next though. Soon after the bet was set, listener after listener started texting in saying their joining us on this 4 week challenge. It’s just the kick in the butt I need to start the New Year. So we started encouraging everyone, please join us on the 4 week journey! So, we’re encouraging you to join us too! If you decide you’re going to join us, please go on our Facebook page page and let us know you’re joining alongside us. Keep us updated, we’ll continue to provide updates on-air and before we know it, four weeks will be over, and we’ll all celebrate together! Let us know.