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4th Weekend with TJ and Fam

boat 4th

Hope you had an amazing holiday.  We did so many of the things, my days are so backwards.

Thanks for checking out some of my fun highlights!

My family that lives in Vegas came the week before the 4th and we took them “up north” which was my first up north experience too! We know some really special people who lent us their cabin/boat for 5 days. It was magical and now I want a cabin.  I was SOOOOOO surprised at how clear Lake Edward is! I could see to the bottom!  We are trying to convince my brother and fam to move to MN so hopefully this helped! 🙂

boat 4th











It’s too hot in Vegas for this little one (my nephew)  to be outside so he lived his BEST outdoors life this week!

Jameson 4th












My fam!

fam 4th












These pics are always too funny not to share! ha we took them to MOA too obviously
moa 4th
















And finally the 2023 4th of July pic. I have one every year since Nilly was 3 months old in the CUTEST 4th of July outfits. This year. She dressed herself….and it was a battle I just wasnt going to win sooo here we are by fireworks for proof it was actually the 4th LOL

nilly 4th